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Our comprehensive fleet is perfect for most transport requirements.

Panel van

3.5 tonne panel vans

We have a number of panel vans with 1800kg carrying capacity.

curtain side

3.5 tonne curtain side vehicles

Our curtain side vehicles carry 8 standard pallets with a weight capacity of 1500kg.

flat bed

3.5 tonne open flat bed vehicles

Our flat bed vehicles 6 standard pallets with a carrying capacity of 1800kg. These vehicles also have the ability to transport up to 7 meter helicopter blades/ shafts/ beams etc.

derived vans

Car derived vans

Peugeot cars and Mercedes Vito’s are our vehicles for small urgent deliveries.

pick up vehicles

4wd pick-up vehicles

We also run 4wd pick-up vehicles for gaining access to sites which are inaccessible and off the main highway.